Summer Adventures: Sundborn Vinyard

It's April, and I'm thinking about summer!  I spent a few weekends in San Diego at my parents' home... and my dad's new pottery studio!  Over Easter, we will finally be firing these creations -- photos to come!


I come from a family of artists--my my dad worked for years as a ceramicist before starting a second business as an engineer in the welding industry. My mom worked along with him in both businesses and in the meantime was busy "making things" - baskets, sweaters, blankets, socks, hand-dying and spinning yarn. They recently moved into a rural area outside San Diego, which has given them the space and inspiration to expand their artistic pursuits.

Their home is a colorful, Swedish-style gingerbread-looking house with a small working vineyard. They named the winery Sundborn, after the hometown of the Swedish artist, Carl Larsson. I named my own business after the vineyard. My dad utilized the big red barn to create a ceramics studio. He is now making pottery for the first time in 25 years!