Current Project - pine cones!

I am so excited about my current project!  I have been trying to figure out the lovely mixture of mathematics and chaos that is the pinecone. 


At the core of my process is exploration -- when I get a new subject, I try it out it in different media -- pen/ink, watercolor, colored pencil, guache, pastel, pencil, and then look at what other artists have done with it. 


I decided I wanted the feel of a botanical illustration with more character and heart, and I loved what Jane Burkinshaw and Olga Inoue had done.  Here is the latest -- I am going to add some pine needles, I think, and adjust the coloring in Photoshop to better fit the client's wedding colors.



on 2012-12-22 19:44 by Joanna Casucci

This one is finished!  See my latest post for an update.