About the Artist

Hi!  Welcome to my seed of an idea -- to make precious, treasured objects for the most memorable of life's events. 

Making art has always been my first passion - as a child, I played with clay and drew while my dad and mom made pottery in their studio in rural Colorado.  I sold my first paintings for a dime each to passers-by outside my parents' shop! 

I developed in observational drawing, portraits, and watercolor painting in high school and studied in the traditional oil painting style of the Spanish masters at Pomona College in Claremont. 

I have been a teacher in Los Angeles for the last ten years, teaching art and English, and working primarily in sketchbooks and small-scale pen/ink, watercolor, guache, and pastel peices.

I like to really study a subject, whether it be a tree, a bird, a flower, or a leaf, and find its personality and character though the painting.  The resulting artwork is akin to portraiture, and so can become a story-telling medium, hinting at the resonance, magic, and romance of an event. 

  I would love to make something beautiful for your wedding!